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The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department’s Mapping and Graphics Section is responsible for creating, updating and maintaining all 75 Arkansas County Maps, 522 Arkansas City Maps, County Highway Route and Section Maps, and the State Highway Map (Tourist Map) for departmental and public use.  The maps are created to meet the various planning needs of the Department. Preparation of these maps includes the gathering of data from all available resources including utilization of aerial photography, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), contact with City Mayors, County Judges, and 911 coordinators.


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Mapping and graphics image
Route and Section Maps

Mapping and graphics image
City Maps

Other Data Available

For our GIS data layers you can log on to and search for the data layer needed at no cost. 

For aerial photography, you can log on to for current and historic aerial photography at no cost.


For the 1994 black and white DOQs, you can log on to to download at no cost.

Contact the Mapping and Graphics Section at (501) 569-2205 for any further questions or inquires.



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