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Kneading Compactor for R-VALUE and Resilient Modulus Testing Draining Sodium Sulfate Soundness Mechanical Modified Proctor Hammer AASHTO 180 Rolling  Plastic Limit Organic Impurities Testing on Concrete Sand Mechanical Standard Proctor Hammer AASHTO T99 Beginning  to Immerse Sodium Sulfate Soundness Sample

The Geotechnical/Soils Laboratory tests soils and aggregates, evaluates rock and soil samples obtained by the Geotechnical Field Crews, and makes recommendations for the Bridge Design, Roadway Design, Construction and Maintenance Divisions. Examples of work performed in this laboratory include: hydrometer analysis, Atterberg limit tests, R-value determinations, Triaxial tests, Resilient Modulus Tests, pH tests, sodium sulfate soundness tests, proctor tests, permeability tests, and subgrade and base material stabilization analysis.

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