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Trimming an asphalt binder sample for determination of rheological properties by Dynamic Shear Rheometer(DSR) Pouring ductility molds for asphalt testing Filtering the residue on a portland cement sample Weighing a sample for analysis Fusing samples for further analysis Loading samples for analysis by x-ray fluorescence (XRF)

    The Chemistry Laboratory performs chemical analysis on items as diverse as structural paint and pavement marking paint to treated fence posts and diesel fuel. It also includes a unit that tests asphalt cement, emulsified asphalts, and other asphalt-based products as well as performs SHRP binder tests. Examples of other materials tested and tests performed in this laboratory include: aluminum sign materials, concrete bridge deck chloride content, delineators and delineator posts, epoxy resin adhesives, fabrics (underseals, filter, cotton), fly ash, galvanized steel articles, glass beads, linseed oil for concrete, paints, portland cement, preformed expansion joint fillers, roofing felt, slab bolsters, traffic cones, bar supports, concrete curing compounds, electrical materials, erosion control matting, fencing materials, glare screens, lime analysis, epoxies, pavement markings (raised and thermoplastic materials), reflectors, sign posts (painted steel), temporary striping tape, water analysis, abson recovery (reclaimed asphalt), preformed plastic gaskets, asphalt release agents, seasonal asphalt, joint sealers, and waterproofing and dampproofing materials.

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