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Technical Services

Van Buren Origin and Destination Survey Pavement Friction Tester Setting Up a Traffic Count Sawing Slots to Install Weigh-In-Motion Sensors Weigh-In-Motion Installation Near Malvern Burying Cables at the I-430 Weigh-In-Motion Site Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Technical Services Section has the responsibility of monitoring, collecting, analyzing, managing, and disseminating transportation system data. This data includes system mileage, user data, performance data and physical characteristics of the State's highways, roads and streets.

Major programs for which the Section is responsible include: the Highway Performance Monitoring System, the Highway Profile and Needs Inventory, and the Traffic Monitoring System for Highways. 

Truck weight data and other highway user information such as traffic counts, vehicle classification and pavement structure information are collected, reported, and disseminated. Special surveys are conducted as needed in order to support the Department's planning efforts.











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