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Supplemental Specifications and Special Provisions to Arkansas' 2014 Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

ERRATA for the 2014 Edition Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (Rev. (9/13/18)

Posters and Notices Required for Federal-aid Projects (Rev. 8/22/17)

The Wage Rate Determination SS is listed by county.  Go to  pmd@ardot.gov to request
a current copy.

Training Program (Rev. 6/27/11)

Goals for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation 
(for Federal Aid projects with assigned DBE goals) (Rev. 12/13/16)

Documentation of Payments Made to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises 
(for Federal Aid projects without assigned DBE goals) (Date 11/20/08)

SP-108-1 (Liquidated Damages) (11/16/17)

SS-100-3 (Contractor's License) (11/16/17)

SS-100-4 (Department Name Change) (11/16/17)

SS-102-2 (Issuance of Proposals) (11/16/17)

SS-108-2 (Work Allowed Prior to Issuance of Work Order) (11/16/17)

SS-110-1 (Protection of Water Quality and Wetlands) (9/13/18)

SS-303-1 (Aggregate Base Course) (11/16/17)

SS-400-1 (Tack Coats) (11/16/17)

SS-400-2 (Asphalt Surface Treatment) (2/15/18)

SS-400-4 (Design and Quality Control of Asphalt Mixtures) (11/16/17)

SS-400-5 (Percent Air Voids for ACHM Mix Designs) (4/2/18)

SS-400-6 (Liquid Anti-Strip Additive) (9/13/18)

SS-410-1 (Construction Requirements and Acceptance of Asphalt Concrete Plant Mix Courses)

SS-410-2 (Devices for Measuring Density for Rolling Patterns) (10/25/18)

SS-410-3 (Density Testing for ACHM Leveling Courses and Bond Breakers) (11/29/17)

SS-505-1 (Portland Cement Concrete Driveway) (4/27/18)

SS-600-2 (Incidental Construction) (10/25/18)

SS-604-1 (Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control Devices in Construction Zones)

SS-605-1 (Concrete Ditch Paving) (4/27/18)

SS-606-1 (Pipe Culverts for Side Drains) (11/16/17)

SS-617-1 (Guardrail Terminal (Type 2) (7/6/18)

SS-620-1 (Mulch Cover) (11/29/17)

SS-621-1 (Filter Socks) (11/16/17)

SS-632-1 (Concrete Island) (4/27/18)

SS-633-1 (Concrete Walks, Concrete Steps, and Hand Railing) (4/27/18)

SS-700-2 (Traffic Control Facilities) (10/25/18)

SS-723-1 (General Requirements for Signs) (10/25/18)

SS-800-1 (Structures) (9/13/18)

SS-802-2 (Concrete for Structures) (11/16/17)

SS-802-3 (Concrete for Structures) (10/25/18)

SS-808-1 (Installation of Elastomeric Bearings (10/25/18)







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